Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Fat Freezer Platinum™ work?
It’s simple! The non-invasive fat-freezing device is strapped around an area of unwanted fat. It then uses cool temperatures to reduce unwanted fat and increases the appearance of tightening in the area where the product is used. For best results, use the device along with the Fat Freezer Diet Plan to promote natural sculpting.
Is it safe to use at home?
Yes, the Fat Freezer Platinum™ is safe for daily home use. When used as directed on the recommended target areas there are no known associated risks. The product is still in the development phase and has begun the regulation process with regards to EMC and safety, as required by regulatory bodies such as the FDA. Once the product has completed the R&D phase we will register it with the FDA.
How does it freeze the fat?
Based on a scientifically proven fat-freezing method, called Cryolipolysis, our device cools down to a specific temperature that freezes fat cells and does not harm the surrounding skin. After the fat is frozen, the body naturally dissolves and flushes out the fat cells.
Can I exercise while wearing Fat Freezer Platinum™?
The Fat Freezer Platinum™ is designed to work best while being inactive (watching TV, reading, or working on your laptop) or doing very light indoor activities such as washing dishes, cooking or tidying up. It is not designed to be used while doing more rigorous activities or exercising since this may prevent the device from working optimally.
What areas can I treat with the Fat Freezer?
You can use the Fat Freezer almost anywhere on your body. This includes the arms, underarms, inner thighs, legs, buttocks, love handles and most typically, the stomach area.
Can I use Fat Freezer Platinum™ for more than 60 min/day? Would that be safe?
While there are no known risks to extended treatments, it is still recommended to limit your use of the Fat Freezer to a maximum of 60 min/day on any given area of the body. You are welcome to target multiple different areas throughout the same day.
How do I prep my body for the Fat Freezer before using it?
Simply place a Fat Freezer pad between your skin and the metal plate on the device. Then, make sure the device is laying flat on the skin. The Fat Freezer pads (included in your kit) are used as a buffer between the skin and the cold temperatures of the device.
Does the Fat Freezer cause any pain?
The process itself is not painful at all! Your skin may slightly discolor (or bruise) from the cold, but any pain you may experience is very minimal.
What do the buttons on the device do?
The buttons are used to control treatment time and the device’s cooling strength. Press the power button once to turn the machine on, and once again to turn it off. The 30 min button makes your Fat Freezer Platinum™ cold for 30 minutes, starting from the time it gets cold. The 60 min button does the same for 60 minutes.
Is there anything I need to do after a treatment?
To help break up the treated fat cells, and help your skin transition to normal temperatures, gently rub and massage the treated area. Recommend using our cellulite breaker along with our maintenance cream.
Why is it recommended to drink a lot of water during my downtime?
Aside from the many health benefits of hydration on the body, drinking plenty of water helps naturally flush out the melted fat cells via the urinary system.
Can I return my unit for a refund?
Refunds are given if your unit arrives broken, damaged or unsealed. The Fat Freezer also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee – if you are not satisfied with the product within 30 days, you can return for a refund.